10 Hilarious Pizza Puns for You to Steal and Share

Below we’ve created ten great pizza puns into graphics, perfect for you to share on your social media accounts.

Just click on any image, and it will open in a new window for your to then choose “save as” to download it.

Pizza Pun

You would have to be a weirdough not to like some of these ten pizza puns. I had quite a laugh making them!

Yes! Now that definitely was a cheesy pizza pun!

Your friends and family are going to hate some of these. Like dad joke hate, it’s hard not to laugh…

That’s like the old ‘How long will dinner be?” “oh about 6 inches” comes the reply.

Nobody will be sleeping with these pizza puns flying around!

I love a great Calzone. There’s something special about folded pizza.

Oh, speaking of folding…

Vanilla Ice has a lot to answer for in the eighties.

Is that was the name, what would Bruce Willis’s character be called? Hmm.

Boom tish! The end, I’m sure you’re as glad about that as I am.

I trust you liked some of these pizza puns. Enjoy!